Yara Technologies partners with top tier banks to offer Easy Payment Plans to parents paying school fees via the Talkative Parents platform

Published by “Ada Derana” , on 04/10/2021:

“Talkative Parents” (EdTech Platform) users can now enjoy Easy Payment Plans (EPPs) when paying school fees via the platform using credit cards from 10 partner banks

This initiative would provide flexibility to parents in converting their child’s school fee payments into equal monthly installments varying from 3 months up to 60 months, depending on the terms offered by the respective partner banks. The shorter tenured conversions are offered at 0% interest by most partner banks, while some of the longer-tenured ones can be subject to a handling fee. The terms and conditions are at the discretion of the respective bank and are subject to change from time to time.

The 10 partner banks participating in this drive include Cargills Bank, Commercial Bank, DFCC Bank, HNB, HSBC, NDB, People’s Bank, Sampath Bank, Seylan Bank and Union Bank, Please visit http://www.yaratechnologies.com/epp for more details.

“We are delighted that our partner banks are offering these EPP benefits to the Talkative Parents users and providing flexibility when paying school fees via the respective bank credit cards. We would continue to work closely with our partner banks to facilitate value-adding solutions to the education segment especially during these trying times” said Ranga de Silva, Delivery Manager of Yara Technologies. “Given the challenging environment, collecting school fees has increasingly become a pain point for most private and international schools in Sri Lanka. Due to our in-app marketing capabilities, the usage of the Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) of the Talkative Parents platform has more than doubled during the second term of this year. With the EPP benefits, we believe that these numbers will increase further. With ten credit card issuing banks providing Easy Payment Plans, this is an excellent opportunity for schools to leverage on” added Janethri Gurusinghe, Head of Business Development at Yara Technologies.

Yara Technologies owns and operates the TP EdTech Platform, consisting of Cross Channel Communication, Online School Fee Payments, integrated e-Learning and AI-driven Data Analytics. The platform is a member of the “Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative”.

Source :http://bizenglish.adaderana.lk/yara-technologies-partners-with-top-tier-banks-to-offer-easy-payment-plans-to-parents-paying-school-fees-via-the-talkative-parents-platform/