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Data is everywhere, but a lot of it goes unused. We are here to change that.

What We Do

Dashboards Designed to Ingest Data

Reveal Hidden Trends

Explore data from Multiple Dimensions

Data comes in many different forms and can be analysed in multiple dimensions. Data attributable to Individuals, collective behaviour,  temporal behaviour over time, are just an example of a few. Quanta is designed to present the data in the most digestible and easy way to enable you to make strategic decisions about your Institues future.

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Our Features

Digital Report Card

Where ever we go, we actively work with the communities of teachers, students, parents and administrators to help navigate the pain points experienced by all these stakeholders.

Student Performance

We analyze the academic data of the students to derive trends, including consistency of performance, field inclination, and changing interests to understand how students progress individually.

Teacher Analytics

Teachers are the heart beat of our education so we offer analytics that enable them to learn and optimize the grading, and the overall performance of their students so that they can adapt their teaching style as required.

Operations and Admin

We go one step further to help senior management understand secular trends that are emerging within your institute. For example, the student churn like,  which subjects students are choosing, the average pass/fail rate, and more. 

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